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Areas of Competence

Mission of the Ministry of National Defence (hereinafter - MoND) is to form and implement the Defence Policy of the Republic of Lithuania by training the Armed Forces capable to ensure independently or together with the Allies sovereignty, integrity of territory and security of the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, at the same time contributing to global and regional stability.


Activity of MoND is developed with a view of the tasks defined by the Law on the Organisation of the National Defence System and Military Service:


1) to carry out strategic planning of the national defence system, develop the national defence system and the defence capability of the Army, prepare the Army and other institutions of the national defence system for defence of the state of Lithuania and collective defence of NATO Member Countries and for performance of other NATO tasks, for the implementation of the collective defence policy of the European Union and other international commitments;


2) to ensure performance of the functions of state defence as well as military and other functions of national defence in peacetime and in war;


3) to administer, in the fields of ensuring national security as specified by laws and in accordance with the procedure laid down by legal acts, the activities of intelligence and counterintelligence institutions of the national defence system;


4) to administer the international co-operation of institutions of the national defence system, ensure, within the sphere of its competence, the implementation of treaties and agreements, development and implementation of international co-operation plans and programmes;


5) to administer, in accordance with the procedure laid down by laws and other legal acts, the personnel of the national defence system, military service and mobilisation;


6) to administer provision of publicly available information about the national defence system, co-operation of the Army with civilian institutions, the Riflemen’s Union, and other associations and public establishments directly contributing to the consolidation of the national defence system, and to preparation of the public for defence;


7) to administer, in accordance with the procedure laid down by legal acts, military standardisation;


8) to perform the functions of the Minister of National Defence as established by this law and any other laws and resolutions of the Government.

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