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Cooperation with non-NATO states

Lithuania develops defence and military cooperation with partner countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Primary attention is paid to the South Caucasus states, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia and the South Eastern European states. Cooperation ties have been established with the Central Asian countries – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, and as well as with the People‘s Republic of China and the Republic of Korea. Relationship is maintained with the Israel Defence Forces.


The states mentioned above follow different foreign, security, defence, and economic policies, have different culture and traditions. Some partner countries are located at a close distance from Lithuania, others are geographically remote, therefore, defence cooperation with our partner countries is multiple from the point of view of subject-matter, number of events, and dynamism of cooperation development.


Lithuania actively supports Georgia‘s efforts towards the Euro-Atlantic and European integration, supports Ukraine‘s aspiration to become a member of the European Union and contributes to continued development of NATO-Ukraine partnership. We seek closer Armenia’s, Azerbaijan’s, and Moldova’s cooperation with the Alliance and its members. Practical cooperation initiatives with Belarus are valued positively; Lithuania successfully implements security and confidence-building measures with Belarus, regularly holds expert consultations. The dialogue with Russia takes place on bilateral and multilateral basis. Implementing the international cooperation policy, Ministry of National Defence organises military training programmes, holds courses and consultations on a variety of aspects of Euro-Atlantic integration.




Lithuania seeks stability and openness in bilateral relations with neighbour states. Internal instability of neighbouring states, non-democratic regimes, conflicts with third states may have a negative impact on security situation in Lithuania and the region. We are interested that actions of neighbour states, especially in the area of security and defence policy, were transparent and predictable.


The expansion of the Euro-Atlantic area, strengthening of NATO and the EU partnership ties, and, thus, promotion of democracy, good governance, human rights and freedoms are in Lithuania’s interest.


Embedding transparency principles in non-NATO states‘ security policy helps strengthening of security of the Euro-Atlantic space, provides conditions to forecast policy of certain states and to prevent possible threats or crises.


In the globalised world armed and frozen conflicts in non-NATO states may directly or indirectly affect Lithuania‘s and its allies’ security and defence policy. By ensuring peace and stability in remote non-NATO states we aim to prevent threats and instabilities in places where they originate.

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