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Tri-national brigade LITPOLUKRBRIG


Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine established a joint military unit, LITPOLUKRBRIG, upon the signature of an establishment agreement by the three countries’ Defence Ministers on 19 September 2014 in Warsaw. The Brigade comprises of an international staff, three battalions, and specialised units.



The Initial Operation Capability of LITPOLUKRBRIG was marked on 25 January 2015 with formal opening of its headquarters based in Lublin. Initial Operational Capability is a phase of readiness of a military unit, it is reached when the unit is manned at least by 90%, documents necessary for HQ operation prepared, budget approved, welfare of members and their families is ensured, and other conditions for the operation of the unit are met.


Certification verifying that the readiness of the LITPOLUKRBRIG Headquarters is in full compliance with NATO standards for a brigade headquarters and is prepared to take on peacekeeping missions was signed on 15 December 2016.


The Headquarters reached Full Operation Capability. It include roughly 100 soldiers and civilians, while the entire brigade will be roughly 3.5-4 thousand strong.


The Brigade is formed following the model of multinational crisis response capabilities – European Union Battle Groups (EU BGs). The LITPOLUKRBRIG is made up of an international staff (the Headquarters), three battalions and special-purpose units. Brigade personnel serves in their home countries but are assembled for multinational operations and exercises.


Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine each assign an infantry battalion, and personnel for special-purpose units and the LITPOLUKRBRIG staff. The Lithuanian contribution to the LITPOLUKRBRIG is formed from the personnel of the Grand Duchess Birutė Uhlan Battalion.


The LITPOLUKRBRIG personnel participate in joint training and exercises, the Brigade or its elements will be deployed to international operations mandated by the United Nations Security Council, while decision regarding deployment of the LITPOLUKRBRIG to international operations will be made by general consent of all the establishing countries.


The LITPOLUKRBRIG battalions are held on standby in their home countries, and deploy in composition of LITPOLUKRBRIG in case a decision is made to activate the Brigade or any of its elements.


On 21 September 2016 Colonel Zenon Brzuszko was appointed the commander of the brigade. The LITPOLUKRBRIG Commander is assigned by the establishing nations on a rotational basis by general consent.

Chief of Staff of the tri-national Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian Brigade LITPOLUKRBRIG is Lithuanian officer Lieutenant Colonel Eligijus Senulis.



LITPOLUKRBRIG is one of the largest and most ambitions military cooperation projects.


More: http://litpolukrbrig.wp.mil.pl/en/91.html


For more information contact Captain Oleksandr Gain, LITPOLUKRBRIG Public Information Officer at (Pol) +48 508 272 094, (Viber) +38 (096) 501 65 51, e-mail o.gain@ron.mil.pl


2017 03 30 Illinois National Guard Commander visits Lublin


2017 01 22 The Multinational Brigade honors Ukrainian Unity Day in Lublin


2017 01 16 LITPOLUKRBRIG contributes to “Safe Poland”


2016 12 16 Military cooperation with Poland is vital for strengthening security of both, Lithuania and the region, Minister of National Defence R. Karoblis says


2016 12 11 International Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian Brigade LITPOLUKRBRIG undergoes certification in Poland


2016 11 07 Personnel of tri-national LITPOLUKRBRIG brigade train working together in peace support operations


2016 10 14 Officers of international brigade LITPOLUKRBRIG drew experience from South-Eastern Europe Brigade SEEBRIG when preparing for exercise


2016 06 08 LITPOLUKRBRIG starts realistic training in near Nowa Deba


2016 01 25 LITPOLUKRBRIG demonstrates the strategic importance that Lithuania and Poland attach to bringing Ukraine closer to the Euro-Atlantic community, Minister J.Olekas says


2016 01 23 Minister of National Defence Juozas Olekas will take part in a ceremony of inaugurating the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade HQ in Lublin

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