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Basis for Lithuanian Membership in NATO

Lithuanian membership in NATO is based upon the provision set forth in the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania – ”to guarantee the security and independence of the country, welfare of the citizens and their fundamental rights and liberties” and the Law on the Basics of National Security which provides that ”Lithuania is determined to become a fully fledged member of the collective transatlantic defence organisation – North Atlantic Treaty Organization”, and that ”Lithuanian membership in NATO is aiming at improving confidence, stability and security in the region and in all of Europe”.

In 1994, in his letter to Secretary General Manfred Worner, the then president of the Republic of Lithuania Algirdas Brazauskas officially applied for Lithuania’s acceptance to NATO. The letter stated the position based on the agreement of all parliamentary parties on the aim of Lithuania to become a NATO member.

The National Security Strategy updated on 20 January 2005 establishes that ”one of the primary interests of Lithuanian national security is the effectiveness of NATO and activeness in the safeguarding of international security and stability”.

Lithuanian parliamentary parties, by signing an agreement on security policy for 2005-2008, aiming at the security of Lithuania, confirmed their goal to secure the succession of foreign and security policy, to assume obligations to the North Atlantic Alliance and to progressively exercise the obligation to raise the expenditures for national defence to an amount not less than two per cent of the GDP.

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