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Main Directions of the Lithuanian Defence Policy

Lithuanian defence policy is guided by the following assumptions:

   - the capabilities of the Lithuanian Armed Forces are developed so as to serve national defence needs and to ensure the implementation of international commitments;

   - security of the Euroatlantic area is indivisible, i.e. only closely cooperating and acting together countries can give effective response to threats emerging from beyond the country-borders. Therefore, Lithuania develops and implements its defence policy working and consulting with the Allies and partners on the most pressing security issues;

   - NATO and EU activities are seen as compatible and complementary. Therefore, Lithuania assigns and provides a single set of forces to both organizations.

The main directions of Lithuanian defence policy are determined by the military missions, assigned to the Lithuanian Armed Forces in the Military Strategy:

1. Protection of Lithuania's sovereignty and territorial integrity requires ensuring effective deterrence and – if deterrence fails – defending Lithuania's sovereignty, territory, territorial waters and airspace. Membership in NATO provides with credible collective defence guarantees, but it does not eliminate individual responsibility to prepare for national defence.   Understanding this shared responsibility for national security, Lithuania aims at strengthening the National Defence System and its military capabilities.

2. Contributing to regional and global stability, Lithuania:
   • implements its collective defense commitments by developing capabilities that strengthen Alliance as a whole;
   • participates in international operations and missions and develops the necessary military capabilities;
   • implements confidence and security building measures and participates in arms control regimes;
   • prepares to respond to threats of terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction;
   • seeks to ensure that the process of Euro-Atlantic integration continues; actively contributes to the promotion of Euro-Atlantic values and the projection of security and stability to other regions outside Euro-Atlantic zone.

3. Contributing to the peace and welfare in the country, Lithuanian Armed Forces:
   • provide assistance to state and municipal institutions by responding to threats of a non-military nature – support the institutions of Interior Affairs System, protect critical infrastructure, implement search and rescue, medical evacuation tasks, de-mining of the territory of Lithuania;
   • participate in neutralizing the activities of foreign intelligence services and ensure protection of classified information.

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