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Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO)

On December 11 25 European Union member states approved Lithuania’s initiative to strengthen European cooperation in cyber defence. Also, Lithuanian-proposed closer cooperation on the simplification of military transit is among the approved 17 Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) projects, developed to enhance European security, too.


“We not only seek to strengthen national cyber security but also take the role of leadership on it Europe-wide. 25 members of the Union endorsed Lithuania’s proposal to enhance cyber security cooperation and our initiative,” Vice Minister of National Defence Edvinas Kerza said. According to him, inclusion of such a project is a huge achievement for Lithuania.


The Lithuanian initiative offers forming EU quick cyber response units by specialists from the participating EU members’ cyber incident investigation and other security institutions. Such a step would take the EU cyber cooperation to a new level where there is no limitation to national capabilities only.


According to Vice Minster E. Kerza, the goal is to organise the countries to share not only information but also human resources, scientific achievements, assist EU institutions, member states and partners. Currently, there are quite a few cyber security and defence initiatives in the EU, however, most of them are limited to information exchange.


“The proposal to use budgets in a more efficient way , create and install mutual cyber tools and technologies, is not any less important,” E. Kerza stressed.


It is planned to take into account legal aspects of operation of such EU units, hold joint exercises, agree on creation of mutual cyber defence tools, when the project is developed. The first team is expected to become operational in the first semester of 2019.


Lithuania will be the lead nation of the EU cooperation on cyber defence, five EU members will participate, and five more will be observers.


The Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) is an instrument allowed for in the Treaty of Lisbon, for deepening the cooperation in security and defence area for those EU member states that have military capabilities meeting higher criteria and are bound by greater commitments.




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Updated on: 2017.12.19
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