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“Baltic Host 2010”

Lithuania will participate in international host country support exercise "Baltic Host 2010"


„Baltic Host 2010" scenario


News releases:


Final planning conference of the international „Baltic Host 2010"



"Baltic Host 2010", the biggest international host country support map exercise this year will begin on May 31 simultaneously in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The aim of the exercise is to test national capacities to receive allied forces of set size in the Baltic States.

The exercise will last for five days till June 4. Together with representatives of the Baltic States delegates of the United States European Command (EUCOM) and Naval Striking and Support Force NATO (STRIKFORNATO-SFN) will attend the training event.

Denmark, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, and the United States will be represented in the „Baltic Host 2010" for the first time, members of the majority of Ministries and many municipalities of Lithuania, and delegates of Klaipėda Seaport, JSC "Lietuvos geležinkeliai" and SE „Oro navigacija" and the Lithuanian Red Cross Society will take part in the exercise.

The main aim of the "Baltic Host 2010" is to increase interoperability of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other NATO countries' military and civilian institutions, to strengthen cooperation in conducting host nation support operations and to increase its efficiency, and to set directions for development of national infrastructures and institutions in strengthening security and defense capacities.

Fictitious events-based exercise scenario involves a pre-crisis situation in a concrete region. Representatives of ministries, institutions and armed forces will be tasked with responding to the problems.

Ability of state infrastructure and institutions to receive the allied forces and efficiency of applied solutions will be evaluated in the "Baltic Host 2010".

Institution responsible for organising the exercise in Lithuania is Mobilisation Department under the Ministry of National Defence. "Baltic Host" exercise was organised in the Baltic States for the first time in 2009 in Tartu, Estonia. The host country of the exercise in 2010 is Latvia and Lithuania is planned to take over the place in 2011.


Host nation support is civilian-military assistance that the host nation renders for the allied forces and organisations deployed and operating in the host nation's territory or transiting across it in the events of peace, emergencies, crises, or armed conflicts. Host nation support is based on legal agreements between respective host and "sending" nations and/or NATO.

Host nation support is crucial in ensuring the full spectrum of actions of all types of the allied forces, security and defence of our country, and in enforcing NATO's principles of collective defence. Approval of a new concept of host nation support incorporating activities of all the state institutions and annual host nation support training events are a part of the Government's programme.

Note for media:
Guests and media day is planned on June 3 at the command posts of the exercise in Vilnius and Riga (Latvia). Information on the exact time and location will be provided later.




Q: What is the aim of BH2010 exercise?
A: BH2010 is a map-exercise. It's aim is to train various staffs and organizations of 3B countries in conducting HNS, receiving Allied troops and humanitarian support from other countries.


Q: What is the benefit of BH2010?
A: BH2010 will enhance interoperability between 3B states and Allies in receiving HNS, will help to identify possible future problems related to logistical operations, improve cooperation between military and civilian organizations in HNS and will help to check national laws and procedures for HNS.


Q: What is special in BH2010 compared to the previous similar exercises?
A: This is only the second exercise of this kind in 3B and it differs from BH2009 mainly by having the exercise simultaneously in all 3B countries. Also the number of civilian organizations participating in the exercise is bigger and we also have observers from different NATO countries and the responsibility of 3B in planning BH2010 is bigger then previously.


Q: What countries, units and organizations participate in BH2010?
A: All the 3B countries, US EUCOM and Denmark and Germany. From the 3B countries also the national Ministries of the Interior, Finance, Economy and Communication, Social Affairs and also port, airport and railway companies.


Q: Do you plan to have a real-life HNS exercise in the future?
A: Elements of HNS are being trained for example during BALTOPS exercise in June and during Sabre Strike exercise in October when real troops and equipment will be transported to 3B.


Q: Do 3B countries have sufficient capacity to receive support from allies and provide HNS in case of a real situation?
A: Each 3B countries have identified national capabilities related to HNS and BH2010 helps to identify possible shortages in this area. BH2009 during the last year showed that there will not be any very big problems hosting Allied troops but there are still several smaller issues to be solved.


Q: What is the number of troops and equipment that are hosted according to the scenario of BH2010?
A: According to the scenario hosting a brigade-size unit in every 3B country is being trained during BH2010.


Q: What is the scenario of BH2010?
A: BH 2010 trains 3B staffs to conduct HNS during international crisis. As in all NATO countries the scenario is based on imaginary situations.


Q: How much will BH2010 cost for 3B countries?
A: Since BH2010 is a map exercise and will not involve moving any real troops, the costs of the exercise are marginal.


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