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Public and Military Day

Public and Military Day in Lithuania will invite to a spectacular air show feast


This year it will be the first time the Public and Military Day will be held in Šiauliai with the main accent of the event being an international air show Iron Wings 2012 where not only the Lithuanian military and civil aviation but also NATO military aircrafts will be present to arrest air performances.


The event which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 26, will last from midday till late evening.


“Public and Military Day have many times brought festival for people of Kaunas and Vilnius and this year it moves to Šiauliai, the city were NATO air policing mission, the most visual NATO’s security guarantee, is deployed. NATO’s involvement in our event testify our unity and the underlying NATO’s principle of solidarity”, said Minister of National Defence Mrs Rasa Juknevičienė.


The air show Iron Wings 2012 will be held to mark the 20th anniversary of the restored Lithuanian Air Force. The show programme will include impressive pilotage elements performed by pilots in retro, war, transport and modern fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Alongside military aviation aerobatic performances will be given with participation of a world know Lithuanian master of aerobatics, Jurgis Kairys.


NATO representatives from foreign countries will also arrange their own two hour air performances.


In a combined air-ground operation, a joint Lithuanian military force will demonstrate their mastership. A spectrum of Lithuanian retro aircraft, aircraft in use and air assets of foreign participants will be put on display for close observation, as well as ground equipment and weaponry.


Although the key focus of this year’s festival is the Lithuanian Air Force, the other three branches of the Armed Forces – Land, Naval and the Special Operations Forces – will also have their share.


Participants of the festival will have a chance to communicate with Lithuanian troops and see military equipment and weaponry: armoured personnel carriers M113, all-terrain vehicles HMMWV with armaments, SISU, UNIMOG trucks, artillery guns, JAVELIN simulation system, STINGER systems, light small arms, underwater action team’s equipment or desert jeep in full equipment and arms and so on.


A tempting menu of military attractions will also be presented for the audience: the public will be invited to disassemble and assemble guns, try on military uniforms and take pictures in them, put camouflage paint on their faces. Lovers of sharp experiences will be offered to clear a minefield. A range of fun military tasks will be prepared for the youngest participants as well.


Participants will be able to form a first-hand opinion about the logistics of the Lithuanian Armed Forces for there will be equipment and rigging, capacity of military cartography, various equipment and armaments put on display for observation and a field hospital be made operational.


The Public and Military Day takes place once per year only and it calls in all the forces to demonstrate for the society the life and challenges of the Lithuanian Armed Forces of today. It is a unique opportunity to see the most impressive sides of military life in one day.


The tradition of celebrating the Military and Public Day dates back to the interwar Lithuanian army; customarily, such events take place on the third weekend of May.


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