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Previous Public and Military Days

The tradition of celebrating Public and Military Day traces back its roots to the inter-war Lithuania taking place annually on the third weekend of May since 1993 when it was restored in a newly-independent Lithuania.


In 2009 the Public and Military Day events were located in the Confluence of Kaunas. It was the first time that all the four branches of the Lithuanian Armed Forces were represented in the Public and Military Day. Modern armed forces were represented alongside interwar guerilla fighting.




In 2010 the Public and Military Day entertained residents and guests of Vilnius. This time the event encompassed 600 years of the Lithuanian armed forces – from today till the Battle of Tannenberg, the anniversary of which was marked in 2010.


Photo gallery: Public and Military Day 2010




In 2011 the Public and Military Day was held in the Confluence of Kaunas were all the four branches of the armed Forces were presented to the public, military equipment and weapons as well as military operations were demonstrated, camps and military attractions were installed, war history was recalled surrounded by the aroma of traditional “soldier’s porridge”. For the first time guests of the event were greeted by a flight over the Confluence Park of two French "Mirage 2000" fighters deployed on the Baltic Air policing mission and light assault L-39 ZA aircraft of the Lithuanian Air Force. 


Photo gallery: Public and Military Day 2011


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