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Practical information


The feast is held in Šiauliai for the first time. It is really an exceptional event because it has never been held in Northern Lithuania before, it is a vast-scope event to be held in a military unit – the Air Base, and also because it is going to be combined with the international airshow “Iron Wings”.


Organizers of the event, Ministry of National Defence and the Armed Forces, together with partners of the feast, municipalities of the Šiauliai town, Šiauliai District, and the District of Radviliškis, anticipate a surge of audience and invite everyone interested to plan in advance to reach the location on time. The event will take place in a fenced territory in the Air Base, entrance – from the Aerouosto Str. Activity of the military village, aircraft alley, and amateur performances will begin at 10.00 a.m. o’clock. By tradition, entrance to the event is free of charge.


Shuttle busses will be ordered to take the audience from Šiauliai to the feast, regular bus passes and tickets will be valid. The bus will run hourly according to the scheme given bellow:



From 9.30 to 14 hrs. From the Bus Station: Vytauto str., Draugystės av., Vilniaus str., Radviliškio str., Aerouosto str. Back to Šiauliai.

From 14 to 20 hrs. From the Bus Station: Draugystės av., Vilniaus str., Radviliškio str., Aerouosto str. and back.

From 20 to 23 hrs. the bus will also take people from the event back to Šiauliai.


Those who use their own transport will be able to park in a parking at the gates of the feast, leave outside in Aerouosto str., and later – at the Šiauliai Industrial Park. Traffic in the areas around the feast’s location will be controlled by the police.


Participants are encouraged to take along rugs and folding chairs for the convenience of watching air program, and earplugs or protective headphones for the young viewers. Food and soft drinks will be available at local vendors’.

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