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Partisan Tributing, Public and Military Day

Tentative Programme for 20-26 May 2012


20 May 2012, Sunday







Thanksgiving mass for Lithuania’s Freedom Fighters and Partisans at St Ignotas Church. Choir of Vilnius Garrison Officers’ Club “Aidas” will perform in the mass together with the Lithuanian Armed Forces Band.






Change of flag ceremony and program by the Honor Guard Company’s personnel in the 14th century’s equipment and armor as well as by the HGC performance team at the Simonas Daukantas Square in Vilnius.





Laying flowers at the Partisan General Jonas Žemaitis – Vytautas Monument in front of the Ministry of National Defence.







Religious music concert at the St Igonas Church by the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Choir “Gabija”.





26 May 2012, Saturday




9.30 - 11.00




Official ceremony of Tributing Partisans at the Memorial for the 1949 Declaration in Minaičiai, Radviliškis Distr. The new exposition of the command post (in a bunker) of the Council of the Lithuanian Struggle for Freedom Movement is presented by the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania. Lithuanian partisans with the flags of their military districts, the Lithuanian Armed Forces Band, and troops of the Honor Guard Company.


Public and Military Day and International Airshow

„Iron Wings 2012“




10.00 – 12.00

Gates of the feast are open awaiting guests. Those who choose to avoid squeezing come earlier and are the first to enjoy the expositions. 


10.00 – 20.00















Military village – expositions of all the services, weaponry and vehicles, military familiarization games and trials, military porridge, military atelier, Partisans’ woods, other pieces of military history and cognitive pleasures. Guests – NATO Air Policing mission.


Aviation exposition: history of Lithuania’s aviation.


Aircraft exposition: exposition of the Lithuanian Air Force’s and 7 foreign countries’ aircraft, 20 different types in total.


Display and trade of communities of Šiauliai District.


Expositions of guests: public organizations, Fire Fighters Service of Šiauliai, air-modeling clubs, etc.













Official opening of the Military and Public Day and the international airshow “Iron Wings 2012”: military bands, Honour Guard Company, skydivers’ jump with Lithuania’s, NATO’s and Lithuanian Air Force’s flags. 





 12.15 - 14.00

First part of “Iron Wings 2012”:




















Aerobatics program by Jurgis Kairys, multiple world’s and Europe’s champion, in an aerobatic plane Sukhoi Su-26.


Parade of ancient aircraft replicas. Participants: biplane JR2 (author Ramūnas Jurkštas) and two replicas of French training combat fighter Nieuport 24 of the World War II period (authors Ramūnas Jurkštas and Algirdas Telšinskas).


Show by the Lithuanian Air Force’s aircraft (An-2, L-410 and C-27 J, Mi-8 helicopters).

Joint operation “Freeing Hostages” of the Motorised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf and the Lithuanian Air Force.


Aerobatics program by prize winner of the world’s and European aerobatics events, absolute champion of aerobatics in Lithuania, many times a winner of the Lithuanian Darius and Girėnas Cup Lt Col Eltonas Meleckis in aerobatic aircraft Sukhoi Su-26.


Demo program by the Polish Air Force’s aerobatics team Bialo Czerwone Iskry in jet training aircraft TS-11.



 14.00 – 16.00






Peak of action at the military village, a concert by the Lithuanian Armed Forces Band and the Lithuanian Air Force’s Band, treatment to soldierly porridge and tea, military attractions.


Performances by amateurs of the Šiauliai town and district.


16.00 – 19.50


Part II of “Iron Wings 2012”:



Demo program of air models by repeated winner and nominee of international exercise, 15 times the champion of Lithuania Donatas Paužuolis.


Joint operation “Fire Extinguishment”. Lithuanian Air Force and Fire Fighters Service of Šiauliai.


Demo program by Eurocopter helicopter.


Demo program by Gediminas Venskus from the Biržai Aviation Club in multipurpose Jak-12.


Demo program Aurimas Bezaras and Irma Janciukienė representing Air School of Rojūnai “Birdman” in a Spanish two-man ELA 07S helicopter.


Demo program by the Kaunas Aviation Club in JAK-52.


Demo program by the Molėtai Aviation Club in Schweizer 300C light utility helicopter. Pilot Algimantas Raupelis.


Program by Poland’s Mig-29 on the Baltic Air Policing mission.


Demo program by the Estonian Air Force in light assault and training aircraft L-39C Albatros, piloted by Arvo Pulunäe.


Demo program of 5 training aircraft T-17 Saab Supporter team “Baby Blue T-17” of the Aviation School of the Danish Royal Air Force “ (pilots: Lars Helm, Lars Bæhrens, Flemmming Eriksen, Morten Krag, Thibaut Guilbert).


Demo program by Pavel Svec, pilot of the Check Air Force’s light assault aircraft L-159 ALCA.


Baltic Bees Jet Team - five light ass.ult aircraft L-39C Albatros aerobatic team will give a performance.


Skydivers’ jump with flags of sponsors and partners of the festival.







 Concert by Skamp and Katedra





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