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Tribute to Lithuania’s guerilla fighters in Minaičiai

Commemorative events for guerilla fighters and Public and Military Day events will be opened on Saturday, May 26, 2012, at 9:30 a.m. by a formal ceremony at the Memorial for the Declaration of February 16 of 1949 in Minaičiai, Radviliškis District. It is a historical location where the Declaration of the Re-establishment of Independent Lithuania was signed by members of the Fight for Freedom Movement of Lithuania.


The event will be attended by freedom fighters of Lithuania with flags of Algimantas, Dainava, Didžiosioji Kova, Kęstutis, Prisikėlimas, Tauras, Vytis, Vytautas, and Žemaičiai military districts, Band of the Lithuanian Air Force, and Honor Guard Company who will tribute each partisan district with gun rounds, amateur art collectives from Radviliškis District will sing partisan songs, choir “Kariūnas” of the General Jonas Žemaitis Lithuanian Military Academy will perform. Messengers of the Latvian freedom fighters will line along with Lithuanian partisans.


The new exposition at the Headquarters of the Fight for Freedom Movement Command (based in a bunker) is put up by the Genocide and Resistance of Lithuania’s Residents Research Center.


In the name of all the participants of the event, a member of the Honor Guard Company will lay flowers at the Memorial for the Declaration of February 16 of 1949 signatories. The gesture signifies a tribute to all the guerilla fighters who were killed and buried in gulags in exile, forests, meadows and edges of fields of Lithuania, or other unknown locations…


After the commemorative ceremony in Minaičiai festive events will proceed in Šiauliai, at the Air Force Base, where the Public and Military Day will begin at midday. The ultimate surprise of this year’s feast in the international airshow “Wings of Steel 2012” where not only military and civilian aircraft of Lithuania but also NATO military aircraft will give spectacular air performances.


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