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"JackalStone 2010"

International Special Operations Forces Exercise
"Jackal Stone 2010"



"Jackal Stone 2010" is the biggest international special operations forces (SOF) exercise hosted by Poland and Lithuania this year. The event involves over 1000 SOF military personnel from 7 countries: Lithuania, Poland, USA, Latvia, Croatia, Romania, and Ukraine. The exercise will be coordinated by the leadership of the Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR).


"Jackal Stone 2010" begins on September 13 of this year and will be closed on September 27. The main aim of the training event is to concord modes of action typical to various country's special operations forces as well as to share experience gained in various training and multinational mission in Afghanistan through joint activity and training various actions of special operations forces.


Commander of SOCEUR Maj Gen Michael S. Repass emphasises that joint operation of troops while implementing SOF tasks under their mandate is drilled via the exercise. Successful international cooperation of special operations forces is necessary to ensure one of NATO's underlined objectives - to have special operations forces capable of joint operation in any part of the world at any time in case of necessity.


"I am very pleased that the "Jackal Stone" exercise is taking place in Lithuania this year. This is our most important Special Operations exercise in Europe this year, and it is very significant that Lithuania is hosting. Lithuanian Special Operations Forces have proven themselves as strong and professional allies in Afghanistan and we greatly value their contribution to this important NATO mission. We are honored to train and fight shoulder to shoulder with such a capable ally and we look forward to a very successful exercise," said Anne E. Derse, US Ambassador to Lithuania.


"Shamrock Key 06" held in Lithuania 2006 may be considered as the beginning of "Jackal Stone 10". "Jackal Stone 10" has become a tradition and is held in a NATO or partner nation state annually. Numbers of personnel involved increases with each year.




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