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News archive (2010 - 01)

Reporter of NATO Channel visited Lithuanian-led Ghowr PRT
imgReporter of NATO Channel Ruth Owen was visiting camp of the Lithuanian-led Chaghcharan PRT from January 30 to February 8. The reporter took interest in activities of the PRT of Ghowr, especially the efforts to strengthen local administration and Afghan National Security Forces, projects conducted by civilian personnel and tasks of military personnel of the PRT, and other aspects of the mission.


The reporter gathered information on development cooperation projects coordinated by Lithuania in Chaghcharan, capital of Ghowr, including central streets of Chaghcharan getting rebuilt and asphalted on Lithuania's and Afghan funding, Chaghcharan Public Park being established, projects of founding library in Chaghcharan, Internet reading-room, etc.

Troops on pre-mission preparation learned from their counterparts
imgJanuary 29, a week-long exercise ended in Tauragė: members of the ninth rotation of Chaghcharan Provincial Reconstruction Team shared experience with counterparts readying for mission as 11th shift.


PRT-9 shared experience and „lessons learned" of maintaining good relations with locals by providing assistance, conducting patrols in the province, and completing other tasks.

New patrol ship of Lithuanian Naval Force piered in Klaipėda

January 29, the new patrol ship of Lithuanian Naval Force P14 with crew of 25 led by Lt.(N) Jonas Vyšniauskas, piered in Klaipėda, Cruiser and Warships Terminal.

Most impoverished families of Ghowr province will receive humanitarian aid from Lithuania
imgOn January 26, Lithuanian troops of the Lithuanian-led PRT-10 handed over to representatives of the International Federation of Red Cross and Crescent Society in Ghowr a shipment of humanitarian aid - around a ton of wheat flour and cooking oil.

Members of the International Federation of Red Cross and Crescent Society will deliver and distribute to impoverished families of the province.

NGOs and donors of Ghowr province met in the Lithuanian-led Chaghcharan PRT camp
imgJanuary 20, „Collaboration between Non-Governmental Organisations and Donors of the Province" Conference was held in the camp of Chaghcharan PRT led by Lithuania. The gathering was organised by CIMIC specialists of PRT-10 and staff of the Lithuanian Special Mission in Afghanistan. Representatives of NGOs operating in Ghowr and of the Lithuanian Special Mission working in PRT, diplomatic personnel of the US and Japan will convene in the event.


Information was circulated among non-government organisations operating in the province on requirements of draft projects tabled for financing and ideas were exchanged on ways of improving cooperation with local administrative institutions.

11th rotation of Lithuanian peacekeepers get ready for mission in Afghanistan
imgJanuary 22, 11th shift of Lithuanian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team of Ghowr (PRT-11) completed three-week individual skills refresher course before deployment to Afghanistan.

Around one hundred of soldiers trained at Lithuanian Grand Duke Butigeidis Dragoon Training Battalion for over three weeks.

Participants of the training drilled incident control operations of various character, methods of suppressing public unrest, learnt secure handling of undetonated explosives, attended psychologists' lectures on coping with stress and learnt other theoretical knowledge.
Nordic-Baltic Chiefs of Defence discussed future military exercise in the Baltic region
imgOn January 21-22, Chief of Defence of Lithuania Maj. Gen. Arvydas Pocius took part in the Nordic-Baltic CHODs meeting in Helsinki (Finland) where he convened with Chiefs of Defence of Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Finland, and Sweden.


Leading military officials addressed security situation in the Baltic Sea region, upcoming multinational military exercise, multinational operations, collaboration in cyber defence and naval surveillance.


Discussion on the upcoming military exercise focused on „Baltic Host", „Sabre Strike", and „Amber Hope" exercises to be held in the Baltics this and the following year.

Maj. Gen. A.Pocius takes part in the meeting of NATO's Military Committee

Chief of Defence of Lithuania Maj. Gen. Arvydas Pocius takes part in the meeting of NATO's Military Committee held in NATO HQ in Brussels from January 26-27.


In the two-day session and meetings CHODs of NATO states address ongoing operations of the Alliance and progress made, and the New Strategic Concept.


Chief of Defence of 28 NATO members, and of 35 partner states and troop-contributing nations gather for the meetings. Commanders of two NATO commands - Supreme Allied Command Operations and Supreme Allied Command Transformation, officials of authority of other NATO's headquarters, and other guests also attend meetings.

NATO's Military Committee is the highest structure of military command in NATO subordinate to the North Atlantic Council, Defence Planning and Nuclear Planning Group.

Staff officers of Land Force will improve readiness for defence operations
imgOn January 25-27 staff officers of divisions of Lithuanian Land Force will prepare for combat training in 2010 at the headquarters of LLF in Vilnius and Motorised Infantry Brigade in Rukla (Jonava Distr.). During the Study Period (STUPER) of three days representatives of Land Force, Juozas Vitkus Engineering Battalion, and National Defence Volunteer Force will address combat training plans, update theoretical knowledge regarding defence tasks, improve skills of planning combat operations by fulfilling practical training tasks.
Chief of Defence of Lithuania departed for Nordic-Baltic CHODs meeting in Finland
imgJanuary 21-22, Chief of Defence of Lithuania Maj. Gen. Arvydas Pocius will attend Nordic-Baltic CHODs meeting in Finland. Other Chiefs of Defence in the conference will be of Danish, Estonian, Latvian, Norwegian and Swedish armed forces.

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