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News archive (2010 - 03)

Twelfth shift of peacekeepers began training for duty in the mission in Afghanistan
imgIn April pre-mission training period will begin to the 12th rotation of the Lithuanian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT-12) mainly manned by the Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas Mechanised Battalion.


Pre-mission training period for troops of Algirdas Battalion will coincide with high readiness duty in NATO Response Force (NRF) due to last from January to July together with their counterparts from Latvia and Estonia assigned to the Baltic Battalion.

Video report about Provincial Reconstruction Team operated by Lithuania in Ghowr, Afghanistan


Video report of Ruth Owen, reporter of „NATO Channel", about the Provincial Reconstruction Team Lithuania operates in Ghowr, province of Afghanistan (in English) http://www.natochannel.tv/default.aspx?aid=4039


US Ambassador visited Lithuanian troops training for deployment to Afghanistan
imgMarch 29, US Ambassador in Lithuania Anne E. Derse followed the final stage of PRT-11 evaluation exercise held in Kairiai Military Area (Klaipėda Distr.) before deployment to ISAF operation in Afghanistan. The guest met with members of the Provincial Reconstruction Team, familiarised with tasks of PRT-11, and later observed the exercise.


„In October of the last year as I took up the position of the US Ambassador in Lithuania I visited Afghanistan (Ghowr) and was overwhelmed by the scope of your achievements there. USA and Lithuania develop close cooperation in Afghanistan as strategic partners, which is why I would like to thank people of Lithuania for your contribution in this country," US Ambassador said.


Chief Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Head of the Afghanistan Project Valdemaras Serapinas escorting the US Ambassador expressed gratitude for supporting Lithuania and increased number of US forces in the PRT camp.

Arms control inspector of Lithuania will visit military units of Azerbaijan
On March 30 - April 1 arms control inspector of the Lithuanian Armed Forces will conduct inspection of an agreed military area and of military units deployed in the area as part of arms control experts group of Hungary.

The inspection will be conducted in compliance with the Vienna Document 1999 of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe.


The Vienna Document 1999 commits members of OSCE to provide information on their national armed forces, plans of defence capability development and military budget on an annual basis, and to provide advance notification on planned military activities. The countries also obligate to accept a set number of military experts' inspections and visits from other OSCE members in their territory.

Planning conference of multinational mine clearance operation „Open Spirit 2010
imgMarch 30-31, two-day start-up planning conference of the naval mine clearance and ordnance disposal operation „Open Spirit 2010" will take place at the Lithuanian Naval Force Headquarters in Klaipėda. In the event representatives of Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany will discuss primary questions of planning the multinational operation.


The multinational mine clearance operation „Open Spirit 2010" will take place on August 27- September 8 in the territorial waters and exclusive economic zone of Lithuania of the Baltic Sea. The operation will be the largest training event for the Lithuanian Naval Force this year.

In review of six years in NATO Lithuanian Minister of Defence emphasized responsibility of Lithuania as NATO member to strengthen its national defence capabilities
img29th of March is the day on which Lithuania entered NATO six years ago. Lithuanian Minister of National Defence Rasa Juknevičienė generalised challenges of defence policy encountered in the latter years and likely to be encountered in the immediate future said that the key objective of current efforts is strengthening national defence capabilities and that way contributing to strengthening the Alliance as a whole.


„NATO membership gives us guarantee of collective defence; however, it would be an irresponsible attitude to rely solely on the allies and not to pay sufficient attention to national defence", stressed R. Juknevičienė. „We have to do our „homework" first: step up national capabilities to prove our serious approach to security. We should not expect others commit to take risk for us if we are not properly ready ourselves".

Final evaluation exercise before mission in Afghanistan at Kairiai Military Area
imgMarch 29-April 2, troops of eleventh rotation of the Lithuanian-led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT-11) will take part in the final phase - field exercise - of pre-mission training before deployment to Afghanistan held in Kairiai Military Area (Klaipėda Distr.).

On March 29 US Ambassador in Lithuania Anne E. Derse will visit soldiers and observe the exercise.
Future of the Baltic Defence College discussed in Vilnius
imgMarch 24, high-level conference of the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) „Future of the Baltic Defence College" took place at the Conference Hall of the „Artis" Hotel, Vilnius. Defence Ministries of the Baltic States, the College, and countries contributing to activity of BALTDEFCOL - Denmark, UK, USA, Poland, Norway, France, Romania, Finland, Sweden and Germany - were represented in the conference.


Defence Minister of Lithuania Rasa Juknevičienė emphasised in her opening address that since the very establishment of the College participating foreign nations form fundamental element of the project. The Minister characterised BALTDEFCOL as one more significant manifestation of solidarity of countries in the region. „International nature of the College, high quality of studies, efficient activity and visibility - here is the ambition sought by the Baltic States", Lithuanian Defence Minister said.

CPX „Strong Lion
imgMarch 22-24, operation planning exercise „Strong Lion" for military staff personnel of the Motorised Infantry Brigade „Iron Wolf" (Rukla, Jonava Distr.) organised and overseen by the Danish Advisory and Training Staff (DATS).

In the exercise staff personnel of the Brigade drilled skills of planning defence operations in Lithuania as a part of the multilateral Baltic Division.


The exercise was the first phase of the „Strong Lion" exercise during which MIB staff employed NATO's Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) to generate a plan to conduct defence operation in an appointed responsibility area in the territory of Lithuania and drafted operation order for defence actions of MIB „Iron Wolf" which was announced to commanders of Brigade's battalions during the exercise.

Future of the Baltic Defence College to be discussed in Vilnius
imgMarch 24, high-level conference of the Baltic Defence College „Future of the Baltic Defence College" will take place in Vilnius. Representatives of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia as well as countries participating in activities of the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) - Denmark, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Poland, Norway, France, Finland, Sweden, and Germany - will participate in the event.


Opening address in the conference will be delivered by the Minister of National Defence Rasa Juknevičienė.


The new project of activity of the Baltic Defence College in 2010-2016 will be represented in the conference, the main reforms in the fields of courses, structure and management will be discussed with BALTDEF participant nations. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia host the discussion to involve participating countries in the decision making process of the College and to ensure their status as full-fledged participants of the project.

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