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News archive (2010 - 05)

Su Generolo Romualdo Giedraičio artilerijos batalionu atsisveikino vadas plk. ltn. A. Šiuparis

Gegužės 31 d. Generolo Romualdo Giedraičio artilerijos bataliono rikiuotės aikštėje Rukloje (Jonavos r.) surengta bataliono vado pasikeitimo ceremonija. Nuo 2008 m. rugpjūčio batalionui vadovavęs pulkininkas leitenantas Alvydas Šiuparis vadovavimą Artilerijos batalionui  perdavė laikinai šias pareigas eiti paskirtam Generolo Romualdo Giedraičio artilerijos bataliono valdymo grupės artilerijos karininkui kapitonui Rimantui Ribokui.

Lithuania will participate in the international host country support exercise „Baltic Host 2010

„Baltic Host 2010, the biggest international host country support map exercise this year will begin on May 31 simultaneously in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The aim of the exercise is to test national capacities to receive allied forces of set size in the Baltic States.

Note for media:
Guests and media day is planned on June 3 at the command posts of the exercise in Vilnius and Riga (Latvia). Information on the exact time and location will be provided later.

Lithuanian troops in Afghanistan paid tribute to the fallen Sgt. Arūnas Jarmalavičius
imgMay 22, military and civilian personnel of the Lithuanian-led Chaghcharan PRT observed a minute of silence to honour the memory of Sgt. Arūnas Jarmalavičius who was killed on duty in Ghowr two years ago. At the camp's chapel candles were lit in the memory of the fallen soldier.


„It is sad that May 22 is known as the day of grievance in the Lithuanian Armed Forces. While on soldier's duty Sgt. Arūnas Jarmalavičius made the ultimate sacrifice - the one of his life. We will always remember him in our deeds, hearts and prayers", said Chaplain PRT-11 Maj. Remigijus Monstvilas in the sermon of the holy mass celebrated for Arūnas.

Minister of National Defence R.Juknevičienė met with Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs G. Vasadze
imgMay 20, Minister of National Defence Rasa Juknevičienė met with Foreign Minister of Georgia Grigol Vasadze on official visit in Lithuania.


In the meeting at the Ministry of National Defence R. Juknevičienė reaffirmed Lithuania's support to the Euro-Atlantic integration aspirations and territorial integrity, thanked Foreign Affairs Minister G. Vasadze for the military contribution of Georgia in Afghanistan and to the Lithuanian-led PRT where a Georgian military medic serves since 2007. G. Vasadzė informed that Georgia will deploy another military medic to the Chaghcharan Hospital in 2011 and will cover all the costs of sustaining two military medics in the mission.

Lithuanian warship take part in multinational naval training at the Baltic Sea
imgOn May 17-21 mine countermeasures ship of the Lithuanian Naval Force M52 „Sūduvis" led by Lt.(N) Karolis Lileikis will take part in „Baltic Fortress 2010" naval exercise in the territorial waters and exclusive economic zone of Lithuania in the Baltic Sea.


The training is oriented at evaluating preparation of graduates of the international Baltic Junior Staff Officers Course. Five-month course is organised in Riga for Latvian and Estonian officers, two Lithuanian naval officers undergo training as well.

Eleventh rotation of Provincial Reconstruction Team deployed to Ghowr
imgMay 17, formal rotation ceremony of the Military Contingent of the Lithuanian-led Ghowr PRT took place at peacekeepers' camp in Chaghcharan, the tenth rotation was replaced by PRT-11.


Brig. Gen. Algis Vaičeliūnas, Chief of the Joint Staff of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Ambassador Valteris Baliukonis, Head of the Lithuanian Special Mission in Afghanistan, Governor of Ghowr Sayed Mohammad Iqbal Muneeb, and leadership of provincial administration attended the ceremony of contingents' rotation.


During the formal transfer of mission ceremony Commander PRT-10 Col. Gediminas Macijauskas handed over the PRT Commander's mandate to Col. Gintaras Smaliukas, Commander PRT-10.

Guests from the United States will observe National Defence Day celebration the military organise in Veldžio High School
imgMay 18, Military Enrolment Administration Service (MEAS) under the Ministry of National Defence organises National Defence Day at Velžio High School (Panevėžys Distr.). During the event troops will tell pupils about the armed forces, a soldier's service, and national service, children will be able to see armaments, ammunition, take part in formation and physical training exercise. Four classes will be conducted to children of different grades.


Three guests from the US Pennsylvania Army National Guard will take part in the event. They will not only observe Lithuanian troops' presentations but will also represent their state and conduct a discussion on patriotism.

Minister of National Defence stressed the importance of the Baltic-Nordic integration

May 14, Minister of National Defence Rasa Juknevičienė took part in the parliamentary Baltic Assembly in Riga. In the traditional round-table discussion Lithuanian Minister delivered an announcement on security policy in the Baltic region. She stressed the importance of strengthening reciprocal integration of the Baltic and Nordic States and maintaining close transatlantic connection - a direct factor for security in the Baltic region. According to R. Juknevičienė, those political purposes should be reached both - by development of practical military and economical projects. The Minister also pointed out that the strength of the Baltic and Nordic States lies in their geopolitical diversity which is also very important for development of cooperation among NATO member states.

Lithuanian troops rendered assistance for people of Afghanistan who suffered from flood
imgMay 12, peacekeepers of the Lithuanian-led Chaghcharan PRT delivered to the Department of Refugee and Rural Affairs humanitarian assistance for locals hit by spring flooding: food items, clothes, wraps, etc., around ten tons of necessities and food stuff.


Modest infrastructure of Ghowr was severely harmed by water flow coming from mountains after two weeks of heavy rain, not absorbed by clayey ground and overfilling water runoff ditches it damaged or ruined roadways, bridges, and culverts. Lal Wa Sarjangal and Chahar Sadeh regions were hit especially badly - around a hundred of houses were destroyed and around five hundred fifty families suffered loss. Several tens of people were killed according to preliminary data.

Three Lithuanian troops injured in southern Afghanistan
On May 12 three troops of the Lithuanian Special Operations Forces Squadron „Aitvaras" experienced light injuries in southern Afghanistan when indirect fire was opened at them during night patrol.

The troops received first aid and were put into medical care, the injuries do not cause threat to their lives. Next to kin have been notified about the incident.


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