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News archive (2004 - 10)

Troops successfully implemented Lithuanian humanitarian assistance projects in Iraq

While on missions in Iraq, Lithuanian military officers have successfully drafted and implemented two humanitarian assistance projects related to the reconstruction of Iraq – they have renovated an elementary school and provided Iraqi hospitals with necessary pharmaceutical and medical equipment.


In the beginning of this year, the Lithuanian Government adopted a resolution to allocate some 100, 000 LTL to humanitarian assistance needs to Iraqi people.


A half of the sum was allocated to make major repairs at a school located in the surroundings of the city of Al-Kurna.

Two more fighters to join the Baltic air-policing mission in Lithuania
On Sunday, 31 October two more Tornado F3 fighters of the British Royal Air Force will land at the Zokniai-based airport to join the NATO air-policing mission in the Baltic States.
Russian military transit through Lithuania is proceeding smoothly

That has been said by Defence Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov in a letter dated 28 October 2004 to the Lithuanian Minister of Defence Linas Linkevičius.

The letter was an official reply to public comments made by the Russian Minister of Defence two weeks ago concerning obstacles in organising Russian military transit trough the territory of Lithuania.


In the letter it has been underlined that in accordance with data of 2003 and 2004, only some 0.34 percent of Russian military transport and 0.37 percent of military teams were refused entry.

Lithuania to assist Georgia in preparing for NATO membership

On 15 October Lithuanian National Defence Minister Linas Linkevicius met with Georgian President Michail Saakahvili and Defence Minister Giorgi Baramidze. The meeting addressed bilateral military co-operation, on-going military reforms, and participation in international operations.

The high-ranking officials discussed regional co-operation in the South Caucasus and Baltic Sea regions, a bilateral co-operation plan for next year. Lithuania proposed to fund studies of six Georgian military officers at the Lithuanian Military Academy and the Baltic Defence College, BALTDEFCOL, in Tallin, Estonia.



According to the bilateral co-operation plan, it was agreed to hold annual military staff talks that would focus on assistance and support measures to Georgia. Alongside consultations of military experts in the fields of legal base, resource management, defence planning will also be conducted on a regular basis.

NATO Ministers of Defence met in Bucharest

On Wednesday, 13 October NATO's Defence Ministers met in an informal meeting in Bucharest, Romania, to discuss issues covering development of NATO Response Force, participation of the Alliance's troops in operations in the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq and other issues.


In his introductory speech, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer stressed the need that all members of the Alliance should feel responsible for the success of NATO's operations and plan long-term participation of the troops in the missions.


The Lithuanian National Defence Minister Linas Linkevičius, who is also attending the informal meeting, underlined in his speech that the Parliament of Lithuania had already adopted the resolution concerning a ceiling number of troops participating in international mission for the year 2005. L. Linkevičius also urged his NATO colleagues to seek long-term planning of rotation of troops participating in international missions.

British troops to replace their Danish counterparts in the Baltic air policing mission

On Thursday, 14 October British troops will undertake patrolling in the Baltic airspace. On 14 October the first two fighters Tornado F3 of the British Royal Air Force are scheduled to land at the Zokniai airport near the city of šiauliai, northern Lithuania. Two more fighters are expected to land at the Lithuanian airport some time later.

Parliamentary State Secretary of the German Federal Ministry of Defence visiting Lithuania

On Friday, 8 October Parliamentarian State Secretary Hans Georg Wagner of the  German Federal Ministry of Defence was with a visit to Lithuania. During the visit, he was accompanied by senior officials of the German Federal Ministry of Defence, the German Ambassador to Lithuania, Alexander von Rom.

British troops are coming to Lithuania to replace their Danish counterparts who are participating in the Baltic air -policing mission

On Saturday, 9 October the Royal British Air Force aircraft VC10 is due to land at the Vilnius International Airport.

Some 100 British troops are arriving to take over from their Danish counterparts the Baltic airspace-policing mission. The British military, service personnel are coming to render logistical support to the British fighters involved in the air-policing function.

The British troops will undertake implementing the Baltic airspace policing on 14 October after the first two British fighters F-3 Tornado to replace the Danish fighters F-16 have landed at the Zokniai airport near Siualiai, northern Lithuania. 

L. Linkevičius to attend an informal meeting of Ministers of Defence of the international coalition in Iraq
 On Friday, 8 October Lithuanian National Defence Minister Linas Linkevičius leaves for Bahrain, Iraq, where he, at the invitation of the US Secretary of Defence, will attend an informal meeting of Ministers of Defence of the US-led international coalition.
Lithuania establishes new guidelines for ensuring national security

On Wednesday, 6 October the Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved draft amendments to the National Security Strategy, which will be submitted to the Seimas (Parliament) for consideration.


The need to revise the 2002 strategy, which is in effect now, and stipulate new guidelines for ensuring national security arose after Lithuania became a member of NATO and the European Union in spring earlier this year.


The draft amendment contains an expanded list of factors determining security policy including processes taking place in countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), in particular in those with direct borders with Lithuania

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