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News archives (2005 - 10)

Lithuanian Military Air Base secondary runway reconstructed in Siauliai
On 29 October a ceremony to inaugurate the reconstructed secondary runway took place at the Zokniai Air Base of the Lithuanian Air Force in Siauliai. The main reconstruction works were completed in the middle of September and in October an illumination system of the runway was installed. The ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas, Minister of National Defence Gediminas Kirkilas, Chief of Defence Staff, Brig Gen Vitalijus Vaiksnoras, other representatives of the national defence system. During the ceremony, a symbolic strip of the runway was cut; the new runway surface was tried by the Lithuanian Air Force light attack plane L-39ZA Albatros and a fighter aircraft F16, one of the US Air Force fighters involved in the NATO air-policing mission in the Baltic States.
Minister of National Defence to present a NATO event to be held in Vilnius
On Friday, 21 October a press conference will be held at the Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania, where Lithuanian Minister of National Defence Gediminas Kirkilas will present informal high level NATO-Ukraine consultations, which will be take place in Vilnius on Sunday 23 and Monday 24 October. The press conference is scheduled to take place at 10:00 hrs at the Black Hall of the Ministry of National Defence (Totorių str. 25/3, Vilnius).
Commanders of Lithuanian and Italian Armed forces to visit troops in Afghanistan
On Thursday, 20 October Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Major General Valdas Tukus, and Commander of the Italian Armed Forces, Rear Admiral Giampaolo di Paola, left for Afghanistan, where they are to visit Lithuanian and Italian service members deployed on a mission there. During the visit the Lithuanian and Italian Chiefs of Defence will visit the Italy-led Herat Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) and the Ghor Province capital of Chaghcharan, where the Lithuania-led PRT has been operating since June 2005. Apart from 111 Lithuanian troops, there are 50 Italian troops who are serving within the composition of the Lithuania-led PRT.
France will join the NATO air-policing mission
At the meeting on 18 October with Lithuanian National Defence Minister Gediminas Kirkilas, Commander of the French Armed Forces, General Henri Bentégeat, declared that France has resolved to join the NATO air-policing mission to safeguard the airspace of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. ”France agrees that equal security standards must apply to safeguarding of the airspace of every NATO member state and has resolved to contribute its capabilities to the Baltic air-policing mission which is scheduled to start in April 2007,” General Bentégeat said at the meeting.
Russian aircraft An-30B to conduct an observation flight over Lithuania
On Monday, 17 October the Russian observation aircraft An-30B along with a delegation of Russian representatives on board landed at Siauliai military airfield of the Air Base of the Lithuanian Air Force. The aircraft belongs to the Russian National Centre for Nuclear Threat Diminishing. Within the framework of the Open Sky Treaty of the Organisation for Security and Co-operations in Europe, the Russian aircraft will conduct an observation flight over the territory of Lithuania.
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