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Afghanistan residents to receive assistance from Lithuanian medical personnel


Lithuanian medical personnel serving with the second rotation of the Ghor Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT-2) have provided consultations to their colleagues at the Chaghcharan hospital and performed a few complicated surgeries to local residents.

At the Chaghcharan hospital, the local medical personnel with consultation and assistance rendered by members of the PRT-2 Medical Division Commander, Major Dalius Ramančionis, Corporal Inga Telyčėnaitė and Sergeant Irmantas Maldonis had performed a complicated 5kg-weight tumour elimination surgery to a local female resident.

The PRT-2 military medical personnel have also performed another difficult odontological operation to a young Afghan boy who had suffered a very serious jaw injury during a car accident in the mountains. The operation lasted 4.5 hr. The Afghan medical personnel who were observing the surgery had complemented high skills demonstrated by their Lithuanian counterparts.

According to the PRT-2 Press Officer Major Albertas Dusevičius, Lithuanian military medical personnel have already deserved Chaghcharan people's respect and confidence. After having heard words said in the Dari language „to tavasot doktoran Litvanie tadavi khahad shavy" ("You'll be cured by a Lithuanian physician"), patents put a smile on the face showing their satisfaction that they will receive qualified medical assistance. According to Major Dusevičius, Lithuanian military physicians are always kindly welcome at the Chghcharan hospital. "After surgeries, patients are usually greeted by dozens of their relatives and there in the hospital yard one can often hear a word " tashakor" meaning "thank you", " said the PRT-2 Press Officer.


Currently the Lithuania-led Ghor Provincial Reconstruction team in Afghanistan involves a group of nine military medical personnel.

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