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News archive (2006 - 04)

Visitors and Media Day in International Shamrock Key Exercise
imgOn Thursday, 27 April the President and the Supreme Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces HE Valdas Adamkus of the Republic of Lithuania, Minister of National Defence Gediminas Kirkilas, Chief of Defence, Major General Valdas Tutkus, Commander of the Land Force, Brigadier General Arvydas Pocius, Commander of the Naval Force, Rear Admiral Kęstutis Macijauskas, Commander of the Air Force, Colonel Arturas Leita will be in Klaipėda, Lithuania's sea port, where they are observe the international military exercise Shamrock Key.
National Defence Vice-Minister to attend the US, Adriatic Charter and the Baltic States conference
On Tuesday, 25 April National Defence Vice-Minister Gintautas Sivickas will attend a conference of ministers of defence and foreign affairs of the US, states of the Adriatic Charter (Macedonia, Albania and Croatia) and the Baltic States which will be held in Croatia. The meeting is scheduled to focus on issues covering transatlantic co-operation, NATO enlargement and to share the experience in NATO integration. The National Defence Vice-Minister is expected back in Lithuania on Wednesday, 27 April.
Lithuanian contingents rotating in Kosovo
imgOn Thursday, 13 April a rotation ceremony of Lithuanian military personnel serving in the Polish-Ukrainian Battalion, POLUKRBAT, in Serbia and Montenegro in the Province of Kosovo will take place. Upon completing the mission, KFOR-13 servicemen will be replaced by their counterparts of KFOR-14. The contingent rotation ceremony, which will be held at the POLUKRBAT campsite near Katchanik, is expected to be attended by the Multinational Force East Commander, Brigadier General Daren Ovens, Commander of the POLUKRBAT Erzy Mizgaila and other distinguished guests. The KFOR-13 platoon has served in Kosovo since October last year. The senior national representative Darius Endzelis will hand over his duties to the KFOR-14 senior national representative Major Savjūnas Papiliauskas.
Moldavian Minister of Defence to pay the first official visit to Lithuania
On Thursday, 13 April Lithuanian Minister of National Defence Gediminas Kirkilas will meet with Moldavian Minister of Defence Valeriu Plesca who comes on an official visit to Lithuania for the first time. The ministers are expected to address bilateral co-operation prospects, discuss issues on regional security situation and the ongoing Moldavian defence reform. They are also expected to make an exchange of information on the countries' involvement in international operations. After the meeting, the ministers will sign a bilateral agreement between the Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania and the Ministry of Defence of Moldova concerning co-operation in the field of defence.
Lithuania to host an international counter-terrorism exercise
imgOn 17-29 April Lithuania will host an international military exercise Shamrock Key. The training will consist of a series of joint military training and will gather military personnel from counter-terrorism units of Poland, Norway, the United States and representatives from Estonia and Latvia along with servicemen from the Lithuania's Special Operation Forces. The training will take place simultaneously in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The exercise will be designed to improve interoperability of NATO counter-terrorism units, synchronise issues covering communications, support, combat tactics and it will also seek to ensure closer and smoother co-operation among public institutions involved in the fight against terror attacks.
The new warship of the Lithuanian Naval Force to pier at Klaipėda seaport
On Friday, 7 April a command and support warship, Vidar, docked at the Lithuanian Klaipėda cruise and warship quay. The warship crew -- 28 seamen led by Commander of the Lithuanian Naval support warship Vėtra (Storm) (A41), Lieutenant (Navy) Andrius Širvys -- were met by servicemen of the Lithuanian Naval Force. Thus far the warship has been used by the Royal Norwegian Naval Force as a command and support ship and was assigned to a NATO mine-clearing squadron. In the Lithuanian Naval Force, the ship will replace the warship Vėtra 41.
Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces to attend a meeting of the Baltic Chiefs of Defence
On Thursday, 6 April, Commander of the Lithuania Armed Forces, Major General Valdas Tutkus departed for Latvia to attend a meeting of Chiefs of Defence of the Baltic States there. At the meeting, which will be held at Mezotne, the Chiefs of Defence of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will focus on trilateral military projects. They will address the NATO's Baltic air-policing mission, the Baltic airspace surveillance mission, trilateral projects BALTRON and BALTCCIS. The BALTRON project is designed for carrying out mine clearing operations in the Baltic Sea, while the BALTCCIS is a joint project of the Baltic information system.
Commander of the Lithuanian Land Forces visiting servicemen performing in Iraq
On Tuesday, 4 April Commander of the Lithuanian Land Forces, Brigadier General Arvydas Pocius and a group of him accompanying officers are due to visit servicemen of LITCON-7 (Lithuanian Contingent) who have launched their mission in February earlier this year as well as Lithuanian officers serving in the headquarters of the British-led multinational division. After his meeting with Commander of the Land Force of the Danish Armed Forces Major General Poul Kiaersko, Brigadier General Pocius plans to talk with Lithuanian servicemen who are deployed to the Danevag-based military campsite and to go with them on patrol in the Lithuanian area of responsibility in order to have a better picture of service conditions of Lithuanian troops serving in the international mission.
The first Lithuanian Defence Attaché to be accredited to Moldova
On Wednesday, 5 April, accreditation of the first Lithuanian Defence Attaché (DA) to Moldova, Lieutenant Colonel Virginijus Vlkelis, will take place in Kishinev, Moldova. On the occasion of the accreditation, Lieutenant Colonel Vilkelis is scheduled to meet with the Minister of Defence of Moldova, Valer Plesca, Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Ion Coropcean, Director of Defence Policy and International Relations, Lieutenant Colonel Valer Mira.
Review of Lithuania' s Two-year Membership in NATO
imgOn 29 March 2006 Lithuania marked the second anniversary of the country's accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). Within the period of two years Lithuania has actively participated in the Alliance-led international operations and contributed to the Alliance's open door policy and defence co-operation with NATO partners. Through the development of capabilities required for the Alliance's collective defence and various international operations, Lithuania has been fulfilling its commitments to NATO. The Lithuanian Armed Forces (LAF) and the Ministry of National Defence have contributed greatly in achieving the present results.
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