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News archive (2006 - 12)

Lithuanian Army Command offer their condolences for the families and comrades of the Latvian soldiers killed in Iraq
Interim Army Commander Brigadier General Arvydas Pocius sent a letter of sympathy for the Commander of National Latvian Force Jurij Maklakov on December 28. „Loss of two young soldiers is a tragedy too appalling to be eased by words" the letter said.
Fire delivered at Lithuanian troops in Iraq
Light arms fire was delivered at the troops of Lithuanian platoon LITCON-8 patrolling in Al Hartha region of the town of Basra, December 28. Nobody was injured, no damage done to the equipment. The incident was reported to the authorities of the Danish Division in whose composition serves LITCON-8, units of motorised infantry company patrolling nearby were sent to the scene of the encounter.
The first of the three military transport aircrafts C-27J ”Spartan" to be purchased flew to its destination Lithuania
imgIn the evening of December 21st a C-27J ”Spartan" aircraft landed in Siauliai Military Airport. The aircraft is the first flown from Turin (Italy) from the military air transport trio Lithuania is to purchase. Control flight and transfer document signing is due this Friday.
Cooperation treaty between the War Academy and the Baltic Defence College signed
imgGeneral Jonas Zemaitis Lithuanian War Academy signed cooperation treaty with Baltic Defence College (Tartu, Estonia) on December 21. The document was endorsed in Vilnius by the Head of Academy Colonel Arunas Balciunas and the Head of the College Brigadier General Algis Vaiceliunas.
Topicalities and deeds of the Army were represented to the Leader of the country
The President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus visited King Mindaugas Motorised Infantry Battalion in Panevezys on December 19. The meeting with National Defence Minister Juozas Olekas, Army Commander Major General Valdas Tutkus, and force commanders addressed important issues and achievements for the army.
”Kursis" sails back from her voyages in the Baltic and North seas
imgThe Navy ship ”Kursis" (M51) returned to her homeport Klaipeda on 13 December after a sailing session of over two months. Mine counter measures ship was traversing the Baltic and North seas as a segment of NATO Mine Counter Measures Unit SNMCMG1.
Defence Minister J. Olekas to take part in Baltic Defence College Senior Officers courses graduation ceremony in Estonia
National Defence Minister Juozas Olekas will attend Senior Officers courses graduation and diploma award ceremony in Baltic Defence College, Tartu (Estonia) on December 14.
Field Force Commander visited Lithuanian soldiers on service in Iraq
imgLast week Field Force of Lithuanian Army Commander Brigadier General Arvydas Pocius visited troops of Lithuanian platoon LITCOM-8 in Danish Battalion (DANBAT) in Southeast Iraq. Brigadier General A.Pocius talked to soldiers about their tasks, took a look at their moods, conditions of their work and housing.
Lithuanian Force Commander to attend NATO change of command ceremony
imgCommander of Lithuanian Force General Major Valdas Tutkus will take part in NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) change of command ceremony in Casteau, Belgium, on December 7.
The largest exercise in Lithuania to take place in Klaipeda
It is the first time the largest international exercise in Lithuania "Amber Hope" will be held in Klaipeda. The exercise is due in June of the following year but the greater part of the arrangements has already been completed; representatives from the ten participating countries come to Lithuania to the main planning conference this week to discuss exercise arrangement, management structure, number of participant troops, exercise supply, operations, and other important points of the exercise.
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